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How Long Does It Take to Complete an Online Defensive Driving Course?

How Long Does It Take to Complete an Online Defensive Driving Course?

Starting an online defensive driving course can be driven by various reasons, such as seeking insurance premium discounts, desiring to enhance safe driving skills, needing ticket dismissal, or fulfilling a court mandate. However, how long is a defensive driving course online? The duration of these courses differs across states, so let’s find out the specifics for some states to gauge how long defensive driving takes online.

Texas Is a Pace-Setting State

In Texas, a state-sanctioned online defensive driving course spans six hours. Flexibility is key here; you’re not obliged to finish it in one go, offering you the liberty to pace yourself. It’s feasible to wrap it up within one or two days. The course’s completion certificate is vital for ticket dismissal and potentially snaring insurance discounts.

Florida Has Varied Course Lengths

Florida’s requirements are more diverse. The Basic Driver Improvement course is four hours long and suitable for insurance discounts or minor traffic violations. However, there are longer options, too, like the eight-hour intermediate course or the more intensive twelve-hour advanced course. These longer courses include essay questions and a mandatory break, making the Advanced course a minimum three-day commitment.

Virginia Provides Eight Hours of Flexibility

Virginia’s online course requires eight hours, yet it allows for self-paced learning. The final exam, essential for course completion, is online and can be attempted multiple times. Most learners complete this course in one to four days.

New York Is a Six-Hour Commitment

New York’s Internet Point Insurance Reduction Program (IPIRP) is pegged at 320 minutes or roughly six hours. Once registered, you have 30 days to finish it. The completion timeframe for most is one to four days, with an additional week for the completion to reflect on your record.

Diverse Timelines in Other States

  • Michigan: A four-hour course, with completion reported to the state a day later.
  • Tennessee: Offers a standard four-hour course, with an eight-hour option for certain cases.
  • Missouri: An eight-hour course, with a downloadable form upon completion for point reduction or court compliance.

Overall, how long it takes to do defensive driving online varies based on state regulations and course requirements. Several states provide the option to extend the duration of an online defensive driving course, enabling learners to distribute the workload over a few days. The completion time for such courses varies according to each individual’s schedule and learning speed, allowing some to finish in just one day, whereas others might require a longer period.

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