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Court Approved Defensive Driving in Texas. Only $25

Texas Defensive Driving Course Online

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Are you looking for a quick, easy online driving safety course? If you need your Texas traffic ticket dismissed or an insurance premium discount, our texas approved driving safety course provides the driver safety training you need. We have been serving Texas Drivers since 1998 with our Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) approved – 100% online course. With our defensive driving course you’re just a few hours away from:

Defensive Driving Courses Texas

When it comes to navigating the roads safely and responsibly, defensive driving courses in Texas are your best bet for enhancing your driving skills. Our Texas defensive driving class is a comprehensive journey toward becoming a safer, more aware driver. With our Texas defensive driving course online, you can learn at your own pace in the comfort of your home. Our course is fully recognized as a state of Texas-approved defensive driving course online, ensuring that you receive an officially sanctioned education. If you’re looking to dismiss a traffic ticket, our Texas-approved defensive driving course is designed to meet a variety of needs.


Furthermore, our Texas-approved driving safety course online entails cultivating a mindset that prioritizes safety in every driving situation. By enrolling in our defensive driving program, you are taking a significant step toward protecting yourself and others on the road. Our driving safety course in Texas covers a range of essential topics, from hazard recognition to accident prevention techniques. With our Texas safe driving course, you’re not just learning to drive—you’re learning to drive safely. Our Texas driver safety course is more than an educational requirement. It’s a life-saving tool. Opt for our defensive driving online option and experience the convenience of our online defensive driving course in Texas. Embrace the ease and effectiveness of online defensive driving Texas with our expertly crafted Texas defensive driving program.

Defensive Driving Courses Texas

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FAQs About Texas Defensive Driving Course

How often can you take a defensive driving course ?

In Texas, you can enroll in a defensive driving course for ticket dismissal once every 12 months. For those seeking insurance discounts, these courses can be taken every three years, as the benefits for insurance reduction typically expire after that period.

How many modules are in the defensive driving course in Texas?

The structure of defensive driving courses in Texas varies, with the number of modules ranging from six to twelve. This variation depends on the specific program's design, although all must meet state approval.

Is it mandatory to take a state-approved defensive driving course in Texas?

Yes, in Texas, it is usually mandatory to take a state-approved defensive driving course for ticket dismissal. Courts often require a certified copy of your driving record along with your completion certificate to verify that you haven't completed a course for another ticket in the past year.

How long does a Defensive Driving Class typically last?

A Texas Defensive Driving Class typically lasts six hours. This is the minimum requirement for all approved courses in Texas. These courses are self-paced online, allowing you to complete them in one sitting or over several days, depending on your preference.