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Defensive Driving Course
Arlington, TX

Dismiss Your Traffic Ticket With an Arlington Defensive Driving Course

Enrolling in an Arlington defensive driving course is a straightforward solution for those seeking to dismiss a traffic ticket in Arlington, Texas. We offer a comprehensive defensive driving course tailored to meet the legal requirements for ticket dismissal. Our course is designed to facilitate ticket dismissal and also to enhance your driving knowledge and skills. Plus, our flexible online format allows you to complete the course according to your schedule, making it convenient and accessible.


Our Arlington defensive driving program is recognized by local courts and insurance providers, ensuring its effectiveness in handling your specific needs. Whether you are looking to reduce points on your driving record or aiming for an insurance premium reduction, this defensive driving course in Arlington, Texas, is your go-to solution. With its convenient online format, the course allows you to learn and complete the requirements at your own pace, making it both flexible and user-friendly.

Arlington Defensive Driving Course

Get your Arlington traffic ticket dismissed

Before Las Vegas, it was Arlington! Arlington was the largest gambling destination in the country in the ‘30s and ‘40s. An illegal casino drawing in guests such as Al Capone, Bonnie & Clyde, Clark Gable and Mae West was operated in Arlington as “Top O’ Hill Terrace”. Were you cited on I-20 or 360? Take our online driving safety course in Arlington, TX, and get your ticket dismissed today!

Defensive Driving Course

It’s Only $25!

That’s the lowest price allowed by law.  Your certificate will be mailed via USPS 1st Class mail in a pretty nifty double window envelope. We didn’t invent the envelope but it works really well for putting a certificate in and getting it to its destination.  If you need faster delivery we can put it in a larger envelope and get it there even faster.  In certain areas we even have an option where you can pick up your certificate (but not from us because that’s illegal).

Who can take the Arlington defensive driving course / in-person training?

Commercial Vehicle Drivers

Commercial Vehicle Drivers

Drivers Employed In Organisation

Drivers Employed in Organisation

Equipment Operators

Equipment Operators

Drivers Of Emergency Vehicles

Drivers of Emergency Vehicles

Any Individual Who Drives A Four-wheeler Or Two-wheeler

Any individual who drives a four-wheeler or two-wheeler

Complete Today in 3 Easy Steps!


Register Online

Register online using your computer or any mobile device.

Register Online
Complete The Course


Complete the Course

Complete the course at your own pace. Log on and off whenever you want.


Receive Your Certificate

Receive your certificate. Instant Certificate available for last minute due dates.

Receive Your Certificate

Specially designed for mobile devices

We get it. You need something portable and easy to use. Our course is designed specifically to work on any mobile device. It also works nicely on a laptop or desktop. You can actually use all of them if you want to – but we don’t recommend using all of them at the same time!

FAQs About Defensive Driving Course
in Arlington, TX

Does your program for online driving courses support smartphones?

Yes, our program is fully compatible with smartphones. We've tailored our course to function seamlessly on any mobile device with internet access, ensuring a user-friendly experience on phones and tablets alike.

Can I track my progress during the defensive driving course?

Absolutely. Our Texas Driving Safety Course is designed for flexible progression, allowing you to easily track your progress. Simply log in with your driver's license number and password to seamlessly resume from where you left off, ensuring a continuous and efficient learning experience.

Is customer support available if I have questions or issues during the defensive driving course?

Certainly, we're here to help! For any queries, don't hesitate to contact us at (888) 655-3354 or email us at Additionally, our mailing address is PO Box 278, Gunter, TX, 75058, for any correspondence that requires a physical mail response.

How do I register for the defensive driving course in Arlington, TX?

Registering for our defensive driving course is straightforward and quick. Simply click the “Register” link on our page to get started. We offer two specialized courses: 1) for those needing to address traffic violations and 2) for those seeking to lower their insurance premiums.

Which methods of payment are offered for the defensive driving course?

For our defensive driving course, we provide various convenient payment options to suit your preferences. We welcome all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Additionally, if you prefer, you can also pay using a check or money order.

In order to enroll in the defensive driving course, what are the eligibility requirements?

Participants need a valid Texas Driver's License and proof of insurance and mustn't have completed a safety course in the past 12 months. Active-duty military members and their families are also eligible.

Court Approved
Defensive Driving School

Mailing Address:

PO Box 278
Gunter TX, 75058