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All You Need to Know About Texas Traffic Violations and Fines

All You Need to Know About Texas Traffic Violations and Fines

Unlike several other states, Texas drivers tend to feel a little confused about the penalties and fines they might face as a result of traffic violations. Understandably, drivers from every other state commit traffic violations, but Texas drivers tend to have a whole different system of traffic violations and fines.

Let’s look at the traffic violations in Texas and what it means to get pulled over by a traffic cop.

Texas Traffic Violations and Fines—It’s All in the Details

Here are a few examples of fines for traffic violations in Texas:

  • If you are pulled over in Bertram, you will pay $151.00 if you go over the speeding limit by 5 miles and $251 if you go over the speeding limit by 25 miles.
  • A speeding ticket in Houston starts from $224, and it increases according to the severity of the violation.

In Texas, a speeding ticket attracts hefty fines, even if you are a few miles over the speed limit. You will not pay less than $100 in almost every state, small town, or county.

Other Penalties You Can Expect for Traffic Violations in Texas?

In Texas, drivers not only have to deal with traffic violations and fines but also license points. The accumulated points cost many drivers their licenses. The DRP (Driver Responsibility Program) was repealed in 2019, and the points did not matter. However, every 2­–3 points on the license represents a violation, and more than four traffic violations within a period of 12 months can lead to a conviction.

In addition to getting your license suspended, a traffic violation in Texas can result in a significant increase in your car insurance premiums. Unless you find a good lawyer who understands traffic violations, your ticket might result in a $200 increase on your annual insurance coverage.

What Other Options Do You Have in Dealing With Texas Traffic and Fines?

There are different ways you can do to get a Texas traffic violation dismissed. A dismissal of your traffic violation will keep your insurance costs under control. One such option is taking a state-approved defensive driving course that can get your ticket dismissed.

First, you must call the court and seek approval. When you get approval, you will then take the 6-hour course or take it online for only $25. After the course, you should send your certificate of completion and your driver’s record to the court.

Are You Seeking to Have Your Speeding Ticket Dismissed?

Court Approved is your safest bet if you are looking to have your speeding ticket dismissed. Contact us today and arrange to take your defensive driving courses in Texas. We will help you get your ticket dismissed.

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